Exhibitor Organization:
BC Good Sam RV Club

Brookswood RPO Box 61638
Langley, BC
V2A 8C8

Tel: 604-530-8089


Penticton Trade & Convention Centre (13)
Organization Description:
The BC Good Sam RV Club is delighted to be a part of the Interior RV Show, this is our first time here and we are looking forward to meeting other RV enthusiasts. I have been asked to give a short description of our Club so I have described who we are, what our objectives are and how we work to meet those objectives in BC.

The Good Sam RV Club is international and is the largest RV club in the world, with headquarters in the US, and it recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Club was formed with the objective of stimulating a greater interest and development of the principles of good camping, ecological awareness, kindness for our fellow human beings and all wildlife throughout the world. This is best described by the pledge we all take:

As a member of the Good Sam Club I pledge to give aid to others in need, respect nature and the environment, give back to the community and those less fortunate, treat others with dignity and respect, and to wear a smile (like Good Sam and Good Samantha’s) and promote the pledge of the Good Sam Club to others.

In addition, it is important to note that we maintain an attitude strictly non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-sectional and non-racial and do not as an organization take any part in political issues or the affairs of government with the exception of those which exclusively affect the positive attitude of the future of camping in respect to our defined ideals.

Each province (or state) has a Director elected by the province/state chapter membership and approved by head office. The province/state has a provincial/state staff which includes the Director, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Assistant Directors, and others as determined. The staff is there to support the Chapter Presidents and their members. We are all volunteers, including staff.

In BC we have five defined areas: Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Kootenays, Okanagan and Cariboo/Thompson. Each area has an Assistant Director appointed by the Director to support the chapters in that area. We have a total of 24 chapters in BC that travel and camp three times per year as a large group and several times during the year as individual chapters.

A chapter is a small group of people that like to camp together and have fun together. RV’s range from pickup and camper all the way to the big Class A motorhomes. There are many advantages to belonging to both the Good Sam RV Club and a local chapter. I would encourage you to stop by our booth and learn more about us and the advantages available to you through Good Sam.