Exhibitor Organization:
Datzchem Inc.

PO Box 26016
West Kelowna, BC
V4T 2G3

Tel: 7803183361


Penticton Trade & Convention Centre (35)
Organization Description:
Datzchem Inc. makes a cleaning product from plants and other organic materials called Formula 101.

It is a bio-surfactant. The idea behind a surfactant is to make the water work exponentially better for cleaning WITHOUT breaking down the dirt molecules. Most cleaning products including vinegar and soaps work by breaking down the grease molecules. Formula 101 works instead by surrounding or coating the molecules so they don't stick together. It actually breaks down nothing...... so there are no fumes and no residue left behind.

Formula 101 is a dilutable product.....and designed to be about the same cost as vinegar to use.

The system includes microfiber cleaning cloths made specifically for picking up the dirt molecules that are now "coated" in the surfactant. There is NEVER a residue left behind and, when Formula 101 is used in conjunction with these microfiber cloths it picks up 99.9% of the bacteria without using ANY toxic chemical disinfectants such as formaldehyde or bleach.

It's a wonderfully environmentally friendly system that is particularly effective for cleaning porous surfaces such as the materials modern RV's are made from.